IRS Audit and Representation

Audits take significant time away from your business and family and require gathering records to substantiate each and every item reported on your tax return and develop a comprehensive understanding of tax law. The tax professionals and CPA's at Agog Financials can help you survive an IRS audit. Our professionals will organize your return to show your position to best advantage. Your simply forward notification of an audit to us and we will take care of the rest.

We at Agog Financials are passionate about our clients and we fight for our clients but at the same time are respectful of the IRS auditors and their process as we believe in resolving the issue in a prudent manner and with professional due care.

Have you received a notice from the IRS? If so, you should call us immediately. We help individuals and business resolve these problems:


  • Occurs when the IRS has determined that you have unpaid taxes.
  • The IRS usually attempts to collect for several months prior to placing a levy
  • Most people with outstanding liens can’t obtain credit
  • Comes to you as registered mail in a white envelope with green print
  • This could lead to serious consequences


  • Occurs if you ignore the IRS for too long
  • The final step in collection efforts
  • The IRS freezes bank accounts
  • The IRS takes the money from your account

Delinquent Return

  • Occurs when you fail to file
  • Easily corrected by filing the missing return
  • Can result in tax owed or a refund
  • Collecting information for the return is usually the hardest part

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