Individuals and Business Tax Preparation and Planning

Imagine an Accounting firm that offers personalized service, understands your unique requirements and is always available to answer questions. At Agog Financials,we believe accountants are not just tax preparers and auditors. Rather, we aim to be trusted advisers.

Our certified CPAs work hard to minimize your tax burden so you can put more money toward your goal, whether that’s buying a house, funding a college education or realizing a comfortable retirement. Recent changes to the tax laws have raised some rates, curtailed some deductions and opened up a bevy of opportunities for middle-income taxpayers. But you need a trusted advisor to help navigate the new laws.

At Agog Financials, our accountants prepare all year long to understand changes to the law and how our clients can use them to their best advantage. We work closely with you to understand your goals, and make sure no tax saving opportunity is overlooked We realize that your company and circumstances are unique and work hard to understand your industry and develop strategies aligned with your needs and goals. We like our clients to be involved. At tax time, we sit down with you to break down complex tax laws so that you understand the process. And we do not stop once we file your taxes. We will keep you in the loop when we find new tax laws could affect you. We are available year-round to answer whatever questions you may have. 

We provide the following services but not limited to:

•  Tax Returns for Individuals

•  Tax Returns for C-Corporations, S-Corporations, LLC’s and Partnerships

•  Payroll Taxes

•  State and Local Taxes

•  Consolidated Tax Returns

•  Foreign Companies doing business in the United States of America

•  US Citizens with foreign Income

•  Estimated Taxes

•  Alternative Minimum Tax Planning

•  International Tax Planning

•  IRS Audit and Resolution

Reasons to Chose Agog Financials over storefront Prepaers to file your taxes

  Agog Financials Storefront Preparers
Education Passed the demanding CPA exam, licensed by the state to practice, dedicated to CPA ethical standards and committed to 120 hours of continuing educations Data entry clerks with no formal education or technical training. They are not required to take continuing education to keep up to date with taxation and accounting changes.
Availability We are available throughout the year for our clients, not just the tax season. We also provide tax planning services to our clients so that they are better prepared for their taxes for the future. Set up shop from January to April. They will not be available to assist you with IRS enquires after the tax season.
Audit Representation CPA’s are authorized by the IRS to represent their clients in an event of an audit or any kind of dispute with the IRS. Set up shops charge exuberant amounts of money to represent you in an event of audit. Most times, the agent representing you would be different from the tax preparer.
Bookkeeping and Accounting Small businesses and 1099 contractors are required to keep their books of accounts accurate and up to date throughout the year. Our CPA’s can help you with your accounting needs as well. Set up shops are limited to tax preparation. As mentioned before, they are available only during tax season.
Pricing We charge a flat fee based on the complexity of the taxes. Our prices are transparent and it is mentioned up front. No hidden costs. Pricing structure is more complicated. Charge additional fees for any minor modifications or changes to the tax return.
Review Process All our tax returns are independently reviewed by a knowledgeable CPA before it is submitted to the IRS Most tax preparers are not qualified to review the tax returns they prepare using the tax software.


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