Accounting and Bookkeeping

As your independent accountant and bookkeeper, Agog Financials will function as your trusted partner with your success being our main goal. We work with our client’s to understand their requirements, challenges and aspirations for the business. We make it our business to learn about the industry that they are in and how that industry is performing, what issues it faces. Accordingly, we offer information and advice that can help our clients to attain their business goals.

Our Accounting and Bookkeeping services include are but not limited to:

  • Setting up your company file and chart of accounts based on your preference and customization.
  • Help you organize your historical data.
  • Set up your security, backup features and electronic record keeping procedures.
  • Assigning all your transactions to appropriate income and expense accounts.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements for your review.
  • Preparing invoices and customer statements.
  • Manage your accounts receivable along with an aging schedule to determine late playing customers.
  • Record accounts payable and prepare checks for signature or electronic payment.
  • Maintaining vendor and customer files.
  • Making sure that bills are paid on time.
  • Process payroll and input payroll from our payroll system or an outsourced payroll company like Paychex or ADP.
  • Reconcile bank and other balance sheet accounts so they are accurate and meaningful to the user.
  • Provide cash flow management, strategic cost cutting, budget and revenue forecasting and other CFO services
  • Track fixed assets and record annual depriciation
  • Debt and Loan Management

Benefits of an Independant Accounting Service

  • Allow a specialist who works in accounting, has special technology and resources in the industry to perform the accounting function
  • Have an outside party work on the accounting processes which improves internal controls
  • Saves time on training someone and turnover costs of a bad hire or employees leaving unexpectedly
  • Saves costs on having to hire someone internally
  • Eliminates need for additional office space, furniture and equipment

Reasons for Hiring Agog Financials   

  In House Agog Financials
Knowledge Dependent on one employee who may have limited training and expertise to maintain your financials and books of record in order. Tap into the resource and expertise of a full service accounting firm. Our bookkeepers are accurate, dependant and extremely well trained to manage your accounting and financial functions.
Cost Salary and benefits for a full time employee can be expensive for a small business. Also, hiring a full time employee is a fixed cost, as such salary must be paid whether or not work is being accomplished Pay for time actually spent working on accounts on an hourly or transaction basis. This could be a variable cost that could be adjusted according to your requirements and time frame
Turnover Accounting and financial industry have a high turnover rate as employees are always looking for opportunities. Time and money spent on training a new employee is an expense that a small business cannot afford. Agog Financials will continue to provide you dependable and quality service and are motivated to keep your business.
Overhead Employee supervision, use of office space and furniture. This increases the facility cost which could also hurt your bottom line Agog Financials already has an established facility along with best industry knowledge and tools to manage your accounting and financial requirements immediately.
Records Keeping track of thousands of transactions along with all the paper trail could be a daunting task. Any lost document could come back to haunt you in the future. At Agog Financials, we provide access to system back up on and off site and electronic document storage capabilities. Also, we provide cloud access to our clients so you can access your documents anywhere and at anytime.


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